Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun in the pool

MJ and I signed Allie up for swim lessons for this fall. We were so excited about it! Even more excited when we realized how hard it actually is to get signed up for swimming. Apparently there was a lottery and those who won the lottery got to register for their preferable time slot and everyone else got what was left. We did not participate in the lottery. We just thought you call the pool, find out the classes schedule and show up. Nope! Doesn't work like that. I accidentally found out from a friend that it's a big deal to register for the swim lessons and if I am interested I had to hurry up. So I called the pool immediately, from work on Monday morning , was told that all the time slots were taken, but two of them were not yet paid for, so if I make it there right now and pay, I get one of them. I called MJ at work, since his job is closer than mine is to the pool and luckily he was able to drive to the pool, pay and register. Phew! We are in!

Today was the first time we went. It was so fun! All the mommies and daddies had the kids in their arms and the instructor had us walk around in a circle, adding new  moves for the kids, signing songs, laughing and having fun! At first Allie wasn't sure about this whole thing, but then as she was getting more used to the (slightly cold) water in the pool, she was just loving it! She was kicking her feet and trying to swim and screaming "I swimming!", it was precious!

If you've ever thought about joining the pool with your child, I definitely strongly recommend it! First of all, it's a real cool new way of bonding with your son or daughter. It also gives your child confidence. And most importantly it's a great way to start learning how to swim. At the age of 2 with all the kids that we've seen today, there wasn't a whole lot of swimming going on, but noone was afraid of the water, everyone had so much fun and even the parents got to exercise with all the water moves we had to do!

I am really excited for this new Saturday morning activity this Fall!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

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