Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How do I get her to eat....

With my first blog entry, I am going to start the series of entries about feeding Allie. “Picky eaters” seem to be one of the most popular and acute issues for young parents, so I think this information will be helpful for you and also for me when I have my second and third (hopefully) child, in case I forget how I dealt with this for the first time. We faced the whole picky eater situation when Allie was about 1 (she is almost 2 now), maybe a bit older. I cannot tell you how many books I checked out from the library with various baby/kid recipes and menus, how many blog and websites I read to boost my imagination and creativity while cooking for Allie. I am all for healthy eating, so it’s always been important for me that she eats nutritionally-correctly. So over the last few months I have been cooking a lot of different things and discovering what she likes and what she doesn’t. Since I am not trying to write a cookbook here, I am not going to bore you with many, many recipes that I found work great, but I will include them over the course of blogging.

One of the tricks I’ve discovered works best is us having dinner together and the entire family having the same food in the plates. It is easier now that she’s almost 2 and she can eat pretty much everything we do. The challenge was for us to all sit down at the table at 6, when Allie normally eats her dinner. We have been doing this now for about a month (usually Allie and me, but when our Daddy is home at that time, he also joins us). Getting dinner for the whole family ready by 6 is another challenge and a whole other topic for a post, but I will continue with this and will share the secrets. One of them though is befriending a slow cooker. When we sit down to dinner all together, Allie always makes sure we have the same thing in our plates and then she starts eating. On occasions where before she would refuse to eat, now the worst thing that happens is that she wants to eat out of my plate rather than hers, which is totally fine, since she still gets the nutrients I want her to get.

To be continued about our picky eater avoidance situation.

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