Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to be happier?

Since I’ve started talking about books, let me continue this topic in this post and write about one more book. Unlike the depressing (but useful!) book I recommended yesterday, this one is very uplifting. This book is definitely one of my favorites of all times! It's on my nightstand, even though I finished it a while ago. I am not moving it from my bedside any time soon. It’s a great book to read for a little motivation when you’re lacking it, or just for some positive and happy thoughts.

The book is “The Happiness project” by Gretchen Rubin and it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s kind of a “tutorial” how to make yourself happy. If you are already happy, it is still great to read, because it will make you even happier! Who doesn't want to be happy (er)?! While I consider myself a very happy person, I was very excited when I heard about this book from my colleague. We actually read this book for a little spontaneous book club that got formed because a few more people at work heard of this book and were interested in reading it together. That is the first time I’ve ever participated in a book club and what a great book to start with! Of course, the ladies who are in our club all just happened to be perfect members of the “happiness club”, they are all very upbeat, kind, and happy to begin with, this is what made this book club so special and fun.

In this book, Gretchen explores what she can do about her life to be happier. The project is symbolically and literally broken down in 12 parts (12 months): one significant task and focus for each month. She doesn’t suggest that you do the same things she did, but rather just motivates you to find your own areas that need improvement and work on them. But for me she was so relatable, that I felt like I needed to do those exact same things that she did. And I tried to. And I will continue. I found this book very interesting as a mother and a wife. Gretchen is a mother and a wife too and I found a lot of her advice just genius! What’s genius about it is that it’s super simple.

I have to mention that this book inspired me to write this blog. Like I said I found Gretchen's "happiness activities" very relatable and really liked what she did. One of her things was starting  a Happiness project blog that is actually a website now and is very, very popular! She obviously was very busy when she started her blog but she felt it was important to make the time for herself and just do something that is only for her, not for her kids, not for her husband, not for her work, just for her.So I thought there is no way I am busier than her, so if she found the time to do it, I bet I can do too! I am glad I did. I had thought about starting a blog often in the past, but could never commit to something like that because of the time constraint . But now I found that once you get going, it's a part of your day (oh well, most days anyway) and it doesn't feel like a burden at all. It is nice to find the time to do something that brings you joy and relaxes you.

I keep the book by my bedside because I want to reread it, or at least reread certain pieces. She has so many great suggestions and when you read them, you think ‘Of course! This is great! I am going to do it this weekend!”, but then with all the other things going on, you just forget. So I want to reread and take notes this time.

I hope I got you intrigued. Really, this book is just fantastic. I keep telling everyone I know about it. It’s so positive and happy and motivating! It's just one of those books that make you feel cozy and warm.

Check it out, you won't regret it!

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