Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rainy day fun

The fall is in the air. At least in Maine it is. We had a really beautiful summer and on some days it still feels very summery, but the cold mornings and nights are not to be confused with the warm pleasant summer ones.  It doesn’t even sound so great to get outside in the backyard after work/daycare, so we come up with things to do indoors. Here are some of our favorite things to do:
-We draw with crayons and pencils. Color pencils work better for us, because they don’t look as appetizing to Allie, as crayons do (what is it so delicious about crayons??). The game is usually Allie drawing “kalyaki-malyaki”, as I call them in Russian (drawing who knows what) or asking me to draw her the usual set of objects: our dog, a happy face, mama, dada or Allie.
-Play dough.  Although when I first introduced it to Allie, I made a big mistake of calling the rolled logs I made out of it “sausages” and ever since then, she wants to eat it. Play dough sessions never go unsupervised in our house, because it always ends up being eaten. A fun thing Allie likes to do with it, is cut it into pieces with a plastic knife. She cuts it into pieces and puts the pieces back in the box.
-We play the piano. I got a real nice piano keyboard for my birthday this year and Allie loves to play it! Often she will ask me to play “ABCs” and we do that and sing along.
-Allie chases our dog and laughs hysterically. The funniest part for her is when she gets to grab his tail and he barks at her.
-Reading. She loves her books! Our favorites these days are “Pajama time”, “Snuggle puppy”, “Hooray for fish”, “The old woman who lived in a shoe”, and  few Russian favorites  “Айболит” and “Мойдодыр” and “Тараканище”. We also like to cuddle on Allie’s beanbag with a blankie and read together.
-When she doesn’t read the books, she likes to build “book islands”. She’ll bring the books out of her room into the living room and will spread them all around. This process can take a while. Really fun to watch.
-Tea ceremony. Allie has a couple toy tea sets and hands down it’s one of her favorite toys. She sets all the cups and sugar bowl and a teapot on her little table, sits on her little chair and pretends to pour herself some tea and drink it. It’s the cutest thing ever!
-Dancing! We have 2 CDs that are particularly popular (boarding on getting annoying though) at our house.  They include the classics like “Bingo”, “ABCs”, “Head and shoulders, knees and toes” and many others. Allie will never get tired from dancing to them.
These are some of the rainy/cold day activities we do these days. Will you share yours?

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