Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The magical foot scrubber

We were recently going through a stage of Allie not wanting to get in a bathtub. Not just not wanting, but screaming and protesting and literally not even staying there for the necessary 30 seconds it would take to clean her up. It was so weird, it just came out of nowhere… One day she loves her bath and runs into the bathroom all excitedly right after dinner and then the next day she seems to be terrified of it.  Weird... but I guess not too weird as it turned out after talking to other moms and reading some info online about this. Sounds like this becomes an issue for a lot of young kids at some point. It is explained by kids being scared of the drain, being nervous about falling,  not liking the water and really a lot of other explanations. None of those made sense for us. So up to this day I don’t know what caused that fear. It lasted for about 3 or 4 weeks. It was really s struggle. We were singing songs, I was buying extra bath toys to make it more fun, even went as far as buying those special crayons you can draw with in the bath (tried this once, never doing it again…what a cleanup), doing “duck performances” on the edge of the bathtub… I mean we tried it all… But the fascination with all this “fun activities” only lasted about a minute before Allie was realizing that she is in a tub and she needs to get out immediately. During that stage, we almost didn’t wash her hair at all (luckily, she still doesn’t have much of it, so it wasn’t an issue), we had very short lasting baths and overall this was a stressful 5 minute routine. What we finally started doing is taking turns and taking a bath with Allie. Either my husband or I would get  in the tub and start having fun in there in a very exaggerated way  ( you know playing with ducks, I mean what could be more fun!, blowing bubbles and so on) and then Allie would want to get in as well. But the second we tried to get out, so did she.  She was not to be fooled.  So we were doing this  “family bath talking” sessions for about 2 weeks or so, when the solution to the problem arrived! And out of all things what did the trick? The foot scrubber! One time as Allie and I were taking a bath, I was using it on my feet, and she of course, immediately needed a foot scrub too. So I gently scrubbed her feet with it. She loved it so much that she forgot all about her ducks, bubbles and the whole fear of bath! From that day on, the foot scrubber become an essential part f our bath routine. I still had to get in the tub with her for another 2 or 3 days, but I started getting out of it when she was busy scrubbing her feet and not watching me. In a couple days I just put her in, gave the scrubber and didn’t get it myself. It worked! Ever since then, we haven’t had any issues. And on the days we still do, the scrubber still does the trick!
Now this of course goes to show that a good distraction will help with this issue, but it was just funny to discover what constituted as a good distraction in our case… I should probably write to “Real Simple” magazine and offer to feature a foot scrubber in their “new uses for old items” page. Foot scrubber would be glamorously featured as a baby bath taking solution…

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