Saturday, September 22, 2012

The quality time

I love weekends for all the quality time I get to spend with my family. No work, no daycare, no rushing anywhere, just pure relaxing, going to fun places and doing fun things.

Yesterday I learnt something new about parenting. I was reading a Russian magazine and I came across a very interesting article that addressed specifically some of the most common problems that parents brought up. One of the issues it talked about was what to do if a child gets tired too quickly and as a results gets very upset and becomes very hard to console. Luckily, Allie doesn't have this problem, but it was useful to read the solutions and one of them really caught my attention.  It talked about how important it is to switch  a child's activities from passive to active. The activities were being compared to breathing: you breath in and then you breath out, you cannot breath in or breathe out twice in a row. Same with a child's activities: it's best to do something "passive" together, like reading, and then switch to something more "active" like playing with a ball, and then again "turn it down" a bit and get to playdough, for example. That way the activities are well balanced, and a child doesn't get tired, because of the breaks he/she gets in between. It doesn't mean that the down activities have to be boring. If they are boring, a child won't want to have anything to do with them and then the whole plan fails. It's important that the down activities are enjoyable, as well, like reading or just cuddling together.

So today I tried to follow that scheme and be mindful of what Allie does and what I should switch her to next. I was actually happy to witness that apparently she has known that rule all along. She was very good about doing a switch for herself when she felt like it. She played with her toys, nicely and quietly in her little toy corner, then she requested some music by saying "Mote!" (translation: remote, and by that she means music).Then we did a little Skype session with  Allie's Babushka and Auntie. Soon after it was time to try  and use the potty, which ended up being equal to an entire reading session (by the way, nothing else productive happened on the potty). Then we went grocery shopping, which in Allie's head I think equals to going to a circus, she really has a lot of fun in a store by saying "Hi" to everyone, running around and generally checking stuff out.

After a nice nap, my husband MJ, Allie, our little chihuahua/miniature pincher named Druzhok and I went on a nice adventure. MJ had our dog on a leash and ran with him and I roller bladed and pushed Allie's stroller. We've done these rollerblading/running afternoons a few times this summer and they are really fun! We live in a beautiful area of Maine, so there is no lack of beautiful views. Today when we arrived to the park where we usually go, we were rewarded with a spectacular view of a cruise ship that was in town.

The view was actually pretty amazing in every direction you looked.

And I was very proud of myself to have taken a very cool picture of a duck who was getting ready to fly away.

We met a men who was fishing with his son, and he was very tolerant and kept answering the question that Allie asked him about 80 times "You doing?" He kept answering very enthusiastically "Fishing!" 

Then Allie enjoyed doing some quick yoga in the park :)

Perfect day for a fun family activity!

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend! :)

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