Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun fall project for kids

While not the most exciting season, fall definitely has its own beauty. It took me a while to come to this conclusion as I myself used to think of fall as my least favorite season, I wouldn't have even put the word "favorite" anywhere close to the word "fall", like I did in this sentence. It was the time of the year when it got cold, started raining and you had to spend more time inside. Now I love it for exactly same reasons: it gets cold, starts to rain a lot and I have to spend more time inside. The season of coziness. I love a good rainy and windy day that you look at out of your window while being warm in your home and cozy with your family. It's my favorite kind of weather to read a book to with a cup of tea or coffee and to cuddle on a couch with my dog Druzhok (when he doesn't snap at me for making the slightest movement while he is asleep at my feet). I think I didn't like the fall in the past because I always associated it with the end of the school vacation, the end of the fun. Now that the start of the fall does not coincide with "the end of fun", I can appreciate it. The leaves turning beautiful colors, warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick, delicious rich soups, and quite honestly the new seasons of my favorite TV shows (even though it sounds less poetic...).

I am teaching Allie to love fall too. There are activities that are best saved for this time of year and we are taking advantage of this season and enjoy new games. Today Allie, MJ, Druzhok and I all took a nice walk around our neighborhood while enjoying the pretty colors around and letting Allie explore. We did nor bring a stroller, we do not typically bring it for short walks. That way Allie is more likely to run around and enjoy herself. We showed her how to run through the piles of leaves and hear them making "shhhhhh" sound as she steps on them. We were showing her pretty leaves and acorns, encouraging her to pick them up and turn the leaves into beautiful fall bouquets. I actually spent the entire walk teaching her what "a pretty leaf" means, but I don't think she got the concept. At the end of our walk the two of us had our own set of pretty leaves. Let me show you what we've got.

Here is my set of pretty leaves:

And, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you're ready for this. Allie's pretty leaves:

So either I am not a good teacher and didn't do well explaining what a pretty leaf means, or maybe I just don't get it. Maybe I have it all wrong and don't know what "pretty" means myself. You tell me...

But in any case, it was fun to gather leaves while walking with the family and breathing in the fall air. When we got home, Allie and I did a little craft project out of our leaves. We were pressing small pieces of clay on paper and then sticking the leaves on top. Quite a fun project and certainly very nice looking!

Allie was all about that project and when we finished with the first set of leaves, we went back outside and got more for more crafting. I am sure we will be doing this for as long as we have the leaves on the ground.

I encourage everyone to go on a nice walk and look around and see all the pretty colors that the fall is offering!

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