Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun from a clay bucket

I love cozy days at home like we had this past Sunday. After we had a nice big weekend kind of breakfast, we all settled in the living room for a morning of relaxation. MJ and our dog Druzhok were taking a 3-hour-long naps as it was raining outside and Allie and I played together. Eventually she got distracted enough with her toys, and I had a chance to read a new issue of "Parents" magazine while sipping a nice cup of coffee. Allie came over once in a while to join me in looking at a new page and she would point out the objects she knows and then she would get back to her own games, which was just perfect enough for me to relax and have a nice bonding time with Allie at the same time. What keeps her occupied for looong periods of time these days is her big Clay Bucket, that I mentioned already as a great entertainment we brought on a  long plane ride recently. This $5 bucket of clay just keeps on giving!


There is so much Allie can do with it! So not only it keeps her entertained, but also develops her imagination and creativity and I am sure the activity of rolling different shapes is a good little exercise for her little hands,although for now I have to help her with making clay balls. But she loves to cut them in half with the plastic toy knife that came with the set (well,  I am the one calling it "cutting in half", I bet for Allie it is "sculpting shapes").

Then there is always a classic: rolling out the clay  strips with a roller and cutting out the shapes with special ornamental cutters.

You can also use combinations of clay balls and the strips that came in a set and pretend to be an architect and build structures.

So many fun activities with just one toy. It always keeps Allie busy and entertained. When the fun of playing with the clay wore off the other day, we added to the game her toy pots and pans and she was "making a soup" out of the clay shapes she'd made earlier. That lasted another hour. She was really into the idea of "cooking soup" out of it, so much in fact that she asked me to sing about soup that night. In place of her friends' names that we usually sing in our songs, she had me sing "mama soup", "dada soup" and "Sasha soup".

Hope your little ones have as much fun playing with clay or playdough as Allie does.

Hope you are safe during the hurricane this week!

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