Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh what a day!

Things learnt today:

1. Do not let Allie have any electronic devices, or any devices that have a potential to break. Even if it is "just for a second". Allie got a hold of my camera for just a minute and had a very fun minute taking pictures of everything but the minute ended with her breaking it... So there will be no colorful recipe pictures for a while until I get it replaced. 

2. Supervise Allie extra carefully if not sure that our dog Druzhok finished his food. Allie really wanted to make sure Druzhok has his dinner and kept serving it to him. In one another bowl...on the floor...out of her hands. This process looked quite peaceful and innocent so I didn't have second thoughts about focusing on dinner primarily. Mistake! The next thing I see is Allie demonstrating for Druzhok how to eat the food. I don't know how much she ate, but in any case that was just not good...

3. Really stick to the bedtime routine...  A few activities were done out of the usual order tonight and a few unusual things were added, that just messed the whole routine and delayed the bedtime by an hour.

Today was just one of those days to learn from your own mistakes. Just a crazy day with just as hectic end. Started off with Druzhok coming back inside the house from his little outing/potty trip and bringing with him this awful stench. Apparently he rubbed himself in something very, very, very bad. I don't even know what it was that smelled so bad (by the way I started describing the smell just now, but disgusted myself too much and decided that it is not critical to the blog to have that description, so I decided against it and deleted it. You are welcome.) When I let him in from his walk, I didn't notice it at first with all the running around that is a description of our typical morning. We only noticed it when he suspiciously was rubbing himself on the couch. This is when we came closer and smelled IT. That of course resulted in stripping all the pillows off the couch, the couch itself and starting a major laundry project. Then getting the vacuum out to vacuum all the feathers that came out of the couch pillows. Oh and did I mention that about an  hour before that Allie woke us up because she was wet and so was everything else in her crib (clearly I hadn't done a very good job putting a diaper on last night), so that was the laundry project #1 of the morning. So we were moving on to #2 laundry project. The reason why those were "projects", not just regular washes is because they included taking the covers off the couch and crib and then, what is even harder, putting them back on... I don't even understand by the way how is it that we live in the 21st century and there isn't an easier way of putting the bedding in the crib?! That was the morning...Leave alone all the usual preparations for daycare and work...

Right after work it was time to finish up the laundry project, spray with Febreeze anything Druzhok touched in the morning, cook dinner, clean up the mess left in the morning.... while Allie was eating the dog food...

After the delayed bedtime and a super hectic day, I am so excited to make myself a cup of tea and sit down and watch some funny show.

Ironically, Presidential debates took the place of the funny show by the way... Oh well, the cup of tea is still happening though! Good night :)

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