Sunday, October 28, 2012

We're going on a Bear Hunt

Allie goes through periods of having favorite books, as I am sure most kids do. This month it's been "We're going on a bear hunt" by British writers Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. I feel like this book deserves a special attention, because it's been the favorite for much longer than all the other books in the past. It makes me happy too, because I love the book, as well. It's funny how some books become Allie's favorite and for some reason I just really feel like hiding them, because for no apparent reason I cannot stand them... Like we have these series of books about a horse (I can't even recall what it's called, that's how much my mind resists it...) and Allie used to love them because they were tiny and cute books, but I just tried to avoid them every time. They are probably good books, but I don't know... I just wasn't into them... And right when I started feeling like I weirdo for disliking a kid's book it turned out that MJ hated the book too. So we hid it... forever...

"We're going on a bear hunt" was given to Allie by her Mor-Mor (that's what she calls one of her Grandmothers, MJ's mom). Mor-Mor is a teacher, so you know if she gives you a book, it's extra special and has a great meaning and will be really good. And the one I am writing about is one of them.

It's just one of those books that has a meaning for kids and a special hidden meaning for adults. It's about a family that is... you guessed... going on a bear hunt. It's fun to read because it has a cute and adventurous plot, you actually wonder what's going to happen at the end (as much as you can be curious about the ending in a toddler's book), the text rhymes which I love and has lots of repetitions. Because of the repetitions and the rhyming it's easy for kids to memorize the text, so by now Allie can almost recite the book. So, very educational. The pictures are great too. I feel like the pictures especially "promote" the family's bond and closeness. On every picture you see mom, dad, their 3 kids and the dog. One of the kids is a baby and you see this baby travelling between being in everyone's arms, which is so sweet! The family is going through all these obstacles and they are doing this together which teaches your child what the meaning of a family is and shows that everyone is together helping each other out through the difficult situation (that was the hidden meaning for adults).

The book's ending is very cute and funny. The family sees the bear, gets scared and runs back home (oops, sorry to ruin the book for you by giving out the ending... :). They get home, crawl into bed, under the covers and hide in there, all snugly, cozy and TOGETHER!

Allie likes to stay on this page for a while and find everyone under the blanket. This book would be such great addition to your child's library and will also make a great gift! I just love it myself for its sweetness, special meaning and fun illustrations. Hope you'll enjoy it too.

Thank you, Mor-Mor! :)

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