Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shopping with a toddler

I have to say that shopping is one of my favorite activities to do with Allie. Grocery shopping that is. If it's any other kind of shopping, like Christmas shopping or clothes shopping, we typically do it all together as a family and usually treat it as a fun walk. We go shopping to Freeport, a small town near us in Maine with an outdoor outlet Mall. This is really the only kind of mall that I enjoy. For holidays it's always festively decorated and just has a very fun atmosphere. Like the other week there was a Pumpkin Festival that we attended. The entire Freeport downtown was decorated with carved pumpkins. I had never seen so many carved pumpkins in my life. It was beautiful and very fall-y and Halloween-y and I can only imagine how beautiful it must've looked when it got dark with a lit candle in every single pumpkin. 

But for a mom-daughter bonding activity, there is something special about grocery shopping.Allie has been going with me since she was very little. I was using a shopping cart cover, which by the way as great of an invention as a nursing cover. You can certainly use a regular blanker, but it won't cover all the parts, which you really want covered and not touched by your baby. Allie used to love sitting in a cart as I push it around. She was looking around, smiling at people and genuinely enjoying herself.

As she is getting older, our shopping trips become more and more fun. I don't even go shopping without her anymore. When we go, we try to get this fancy shopping cart that looks like a car where Allie loves to sit and play with the stirring wheel. She loves to say "Hi" to people and shows them what she's buying. It's really very cute. 

It's also a great educational opportunity. As I place items into a cart, I tell Allie what it is before I do, so learns new words. Also we count together, if say I get potatoes, I count them with her as I place them one by one into a bag.

And last but not least, let's not forget that Allie is entering the age where she can actually help. After we do our produce shopping and enter the aisle portion of the store I "park" the cart and Allie goes into the aisle with me to get what we need. Then I hand her the items and she runs them back to the cart. It's great, because I don't need to push the huge cart around everywhere, and it's so good for Allie to feel (and be!) helpful and understand that she has her own tasks. This is one of her own tasks.

Can't wait for Saturday to do some shopping with Allie!

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