Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a SPECIAL post

This is a picture of my “special morning at work”. What makes it special? That’s a cranberry walnut scone that I get as a treat sometimes from the bakery next to my office,called Standard Baking Co., which by the way I was so excited to see featured on Joy The Baker blog! The bakery is fantastic! And so is the scone.  What makes it extra special is the layer of the coarse sugar coating it. And the pieces of walnuts. And the dried cranberries. It’s amazing. And to have it with a hot cup of coffee with some cream (or as some people refer to my coffee, cream with coffee, 'cause of the amount of cream I use) is just such a nice start to a work day!

Recently I’ve discovered another dimension of the word “special”. The word is magical in our family. It’s amazing what Allie will agree to do if you mention the word “special”.
“Will you have some soup for dinner?” I ask
“No! No soup! I don’t soup!” Whenever she says “I don’t” something, it means “I don’t want” something.
“Ok. How about some SPECIAL soup?” I try again.
“Special soup?” Allie gets all interested.
“Yeah! I want special soup!”
I gave her a bowl of soup with “a flower” on top, made out of a leaf of parsley and a little piece of lemon.
It’s just amazing how it works every time! But it’s hard not to overuse it, ‘cause it’s such a great trick. I am a little nervous that the novelty of that will wear off eventually. But hey, for now it works. So may as well use it.
The other night she woke up in the middle of the night, which almost never happens, she wouldn’t go back to bed. She kept asking for “toys!” which I wasn’t exactly excited about at 4 a.m. So I just kept talking her into going back to bed for a while (which seemed soo long because of how tired I was). Finally a light bulb went off in my head! Special!!  So I said:
“Will you go to bed if I give you your ‘SPECIAL’ blanky?”
“Special blanky?”
Problem was solved! I mean, of course, if I promise something special and provide something that in no way is special , it will not work, I'm guessing. So I had to pull out an old blanket that we hadn’t been using any longer since it’s too small now. Well, it doubled as a special blanky nicely!
I covered Allie with the blanky and left the room (keeping my fingers crossed).
Works like a charm! Try it!


  1. Wow, that's a great trick about word special. Could you pleaso also write about how you manage Allie to sleep separately in her room? TC

    1. Thank you for your question TC! That's a topic worth a post! I'll work on and will share my "wisdom" :)