Thursday, January 24, 2013

Slow cooked chicken drumsticks with vegetables

I love my slow cooker. Especially on cold days like today, when you just want to get back from work to a deliciously smelling home and not worry about cooking dinner. I've had enough worrying for today. I had kind of a hectic morning today with stuff going wrong and I wish I could say I was stressed out that's why weird stuff kept happening, but I wasn't, so it was just one of those days...

Let me just start by saying that the temperature dropped to 1F degree today (for my Celsius-thinking friends, we are talking -17). It was the day when a walk from the garage to the office was a drag. The 5 minute walk felt like an hour and I kept thinking why the office is so far from the garage??? (that thought had never occurred to me until today). But finally I made it to the warm office feeling like I've just been through a torture (referring to my 5 minute walk here), got myself a nice hot cup of coffee, settled into my colorful work space and started going through my e-mails... A couple minutes later my friend comes over to me and asks me all these suspicious questions about my car (color, make and model, presence of a car seat, etc) and finally gives a verdict that I left my lights on in the car... To say that I got upset is a big underestimation... So yeah, had to make a round trip to the garage in the freezing cold, calling myself names for not being more attentive... After I returned to work and was done with walks for the day I thought of it as a good thing, because it would've been much worse to come to my car with a dead battery at 5 pm...

Just when the things were looking up and I was trying to enjoy my not-so-hot by that point coffee again and reading my e-mails, my thoughts wandered to this morning at home, when Allie accidentally poked me in the eye. Pretty bad poking, that left my eye tearing for the longest time and turning super red, so after seeing my face in the mirror covered in a black mascara that escaped the eye and traveled all across my face, I took the make up off the eye,planning on reapplying it when the eye stops acting out. Anyway, so thinking of that little incident, checking my e-mail and thinking to myself:

"Did I end up putting make up on that eye?... I must've... Of course, I did... What, I left the house with the make up on just on 1 half of my face?..I've been to the office for about an hour now, someone would've said something" 

You know, having the conversation with myself. Then (just to be sure) I decide to look in the mirror... Yup! Only wearing make up on one eye... Great... So now I am walking around the office, my face being half & half, trying to see if anyone has a mascara... Luckily, found one, got my face taken care of...

So now I am sitting at my desk, being all paranoid what else is gonna go wrong now. This is when I remember that I loaded a slow cooker with chicken and veggies to cook us dinner. But the problem is that I don't remember turning it on... Now I am sitting and wondering if I am gonna come home to a stinking spoiled chicken... Uuurrrggghhhhh

A big pleasant surprise was to come home to find a deliciously smelling home, just as planned, and cooked chicken... So I guess I did remember to turn it on...

Wait... what was I saying? Oh yeah, that I love a slow cooker and here is a great recipe that always, always, always turns out great and takes about 5 minutes in the morning to prepare. The slowcooker does the rest of the work for you! I particularly like to make it with drumsticks, because Allie just loves eating a drumstick, like a big girl.

Slow cooked chicken drumsticks with vegetables

4 lbs chicken drumsticks
1 large onion, sliced
2 carrots, chopped
2 stalks of celery, chopped
1 tsp minced garlic
1 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil

Couldn't be easier to make. Pour about a teaspoon of olive oil into the slow cooker. Place the chicken on top . Season with some salt and pepper. Top with onion, carrots, celery and garlic. Pour the crushed tomatoes on top. Then fill the can with water, shake a bit to try to get all the tomato leftovers and pour the "tomato water" in the slow cooker. Set it on 8 hours low and go to work.

Come from work 8 hours later and make a little side dish to go with it. I made some brown rice with a teaspoon or turmeric to give it some nice bright yellow color and warm earthy flavor and enjoy!

Allie loves this dish as much as MJ and I do. 

Chicken turns out so tender and just falls off the bone. The leftovers taste great as well.

Bon appetit and here is to a less weird day tomorrow!


  1. I agree there is nothing better on a freezing cold day than to walk in your home and smell something wonderful. Your recipe looks delicious and It is great that you always seem to make "child friendly" meals.

  2. I have tried it! Good recipe! Its going to my recipes notepad :)