Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter activities for kids

Although sometimes in winter all you want to do is get cozy in your home: on a soft couch with a warm blanket, a cup of hot tea and an interesting book, winter still offers some great activities for kids that can only be done this time of year. We only have snow for so long, and while getting Allie dressed and all bundled up for cold weather is not my favorite thing to do, it's so rewarding to see her play and have fun in the snow and come home nice and tired and so ready for a nap (now it's time to get cozy with a book).

Making a snowman is a classic. I still love having that sticky kind of snow that lets you build a snowman so easily. The snowman we made on our walk the other day wasn't exactly an elaborated version with eyes, carrot-nose, mouth or even arms, but it was still fun to roll the snow into huge chunks, pile them on top of each other and pretend that he is real while talking to him. 

Also, let's not underestimate the fun of destroying the snowman you've just built by kicking him with your feet or just jumping on top of him and pretending that he's no longer real and doesn't have any feelings.

Also, we love feeding ducks that visit our neighborhood pond all the time. The pond does have a sign that says not to feed the ducks, but we didn't happen to pass it yesterday, so it was ok... Our ducks are very brave and grab the bread right out of your hands, so Allie had lots of laughs pulling her mittens out of ducks' beaks. 

I also read about a pretty cool sounding game in a magazine the other day, that suggested to freeze water with some food coloring or regular paint in used yogurt cups and then use the "colored bricks" for building a colored fort. I want to do that with Allie in our backyard one of these days. Just have to start collecting yogurt cups.

Another fun game is sled racing. One sled is for your child, the other is for you (or his/her sister/bother/friend). Sit a few stuffed animals in each sled and race from point A to point B. If you only have 1 sled, as most people do, you can "build" one out of a box and a string attached to it (don't you have a million Diaper.com boxes?)

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