Monday, January 7, 2013

Wonderful TWOs

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about why I think it’s important to keep a diary or journal. Now when Allie is 2 and she is talking more and more, I find it even more necessary to keep a journal for her. I don’t want to forget the funny and cute things that she does and says. Sometimes she’ll do something so cute and I think to myself “I need to tell that to MJ and I need to write it in her journal tonight”, but more often than not all I remember “by tonight” is that she did something funny and I wanted to remember it…
So one of my resolutions for 2013 is to make more notes in Allie’s diary about her.

I never want to forget how the other night as we were sitting down to dinner and had some Pop Dance Pandora station playing from when I was cooking, MJ said

"This doesn’t sounds very fitting for dinner… Let’s change the station. How about some “Relaxation”?” 

and Allie immediately responded 

“How about Elmo?”  (which is her favorite Pandora station). That was just hilarious!
Or the other night… well, let me actually just back up a bit and say that I’ve been singing the same lullaby to Allie from the first day she was born. My Russian readers will recognize it surely, it’s called "Спи моя радость усни", but if I have to transcribe it into English letters, it’s something like “Spi maya radast usni…” , which means “Sleep, my joy, fall asleep…”(And as I am writing this, I am realizing that this may ONLY be funny for the Russian speakers… but anyway). MJ was putting Allie to bed the other night and she kept requesting that song, but what she called it was just too funny. She kept saying 

“I want ‘Peanut butter usni’!” 

I love these little statements that she makes sometimes from confusing the 2 languages… By the way, MJ’s answer to that was, as it often is, some Bob Marley songs. He doesn’t know “Peanut butter usni”, but that’s ok, “Don’t worry about a thing” with a Jamaican accent is just as great of a lullaby!

Or the thing that just has happened tonight. Al of a sudden Allie started saying

"I want some more trouble"

That came out of nowhere and had me a bit confused until I finally realized what she meant... I've been obsessively listening to Taylor's Swift's "I knew you were trouble" song lately and the word "trouble" does come up a lot... So Allie just wanted to listen to the song :).

Ok, I am off to write these stories in Allie's journal now...

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