Thursday, February 14, 2013

A cool collage (cool-lage?) project for kids

Last weekend Allie had a special Valentine's Day dedicated playdate with Mooney. My friend, Moony's mom, brought over all kinds of arts and crafts supplies and Allie and Mooney were making Valentine Cards. Or what really happened is that my friend and I were making cards and the girls were covering themselves in red finger paint and trying to cut as much paper as possible. Still it was very cute. I don't get to see Allie playing with other kids much since it happens at the daycare, and it was so fun seeing the little girlfriends together. I mean how cute is it? Ladies cooking in the kitchen:

That day seeing all the cool arts and crafts supplies that Mooney's mom had, I realized that I had nothing. Nothing but a few crayons and some coloring books. I didn't even realize they made little safe scissors for toddlers, what a cool crafty item! Mooney's mom had everything stacked nicely in a large plastic container which I thought was a genius idea. I couldn't wait to get to a store where I could "build" myself the same supply box. 

A few days later Allie and I took a field trip to a craft store and bought all kinds of tings: washable paints, and finger paints, and the scissors, and glue sticks and new pencils and brushes and even a little puzzle, that by the way was a complete waste of money (too flimsy, pieces don't stay together :(( It was Allie's first impulse purchase. I am sure there will be more, she is a girl after all. I placed all the new items in plastic bin, just like Mooney's mom does (thank you for the inspiration! ;)) So now Allie and I are well stocked for making all sorts of art.

In our pre-supplies life, this was Allie's favorite project, maybe it will be a useful idea for somebody to do with your kids. I cut out different pictures from magazines (from ads mostly): animals, cars, food items, flowers and Allie would glue them on white paper. She just loves doing that and it doesn't cost anything, not messy and is really so much fun for her. She can literally do it for hours (but I usually run out of my cut-outs a lot sooner). Sometimes I do my prep work of cutting the pictures during watching some TV show, so it's very effortless for me, as well. Try it if you haven't yet, those collages really seem to keep them entertained for a while.

I imagine now that we have the scissors (which clearly I cannot get over, they are just too cool!), Allie will be able to cut her own images and this will only add to the fun.

P.S. Posting this on Valentine's Day and can't help but noticing how my images have a theme of the wrong holiday going on...  Will be more prepared for the next Valentine's day...

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