Monday, February 25, 2013

Dancing on a newspaper

When I think of my childhood memories, the ones of any parties or celebrations, dancing on a newspaper always comes to mind. No birthday party or a New Year's celebration would ever feel complete without that game. There would always have to be:
1. Musical chairs
2. Dancing on a newspaper
then the party went successfully. I don't know if they play this game in the US, but I've never heard of it here, so I'll tell you how to play it, because I think it's such a super fun activity to do with your kids, no matter is it's just you and her or if you're having kids over and need some ideas for easy entertainment. By the way, it's a totally appropriate and fun game for adults too. 

Here we go. All you need is a few newspaper pages. Allie had "the dance-off" with her aunt J, so we only needed 2. But you get the idea: you need as many newspaper pages, as you have players.  Start with a fully unfolded page. One for you, one for your opponent. Play some dancy music and just dance and have fun, but the point is to not step outside of your newspaper. If you step outside of it, you lose. With the kids, of course, you may want to modify the rules a bit and let them step wherever they want, it's still fun. If adults play the game, it's most fun to compete against couples and have each couple dance on one piece of a newspaper, it's a lot more challenging, really fun and funny. 

So just have fun and dance for 30 seconds or so. Then stop the music and have all the contestants fold their newspaper in half. Get back to dancing, now it's going to be harder, since you have less room to dance on. The fun part is that everyone really, really has to dance, not just stand there.  Give it another 30 seconds (the time's really flexible, 30 seconds is just what we were doing this time). You must be getting the idea now. Pause and fold the newspaper again. It's getting smaller and smaller and dancing on it is now harder and harder. 

Although we weren't strict with Allie about the rules, she still liked to play fair and tried not to step outside her newspaper. 

Keep folding until it's too small to dance on. If you're playing with older kids of adults, you play until all couples are out and you have 1 winner couple. It gets really entertaining: people dance on one foot, people hold their partner in their arms and dance that way, then dancing on one foot while holding someone. The fun really depends on how competitive your friends are. And while we had to bend all the rules for Allie, she still had tons of fun and really enjoyed her quality time wit her aunt J! We'll definitely do the newspaper dancing competition at her next birthday party!

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