Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lesson from my mom: spend on experiences, not things

This past weekend MJ and I took Allie to see Disney-on-Ice, which I know is self-explanatory, but for those who’s never heard of it, it was a series of really great Disney cartoon performances,  only instead of being shown on TV, it was all danced and sang and performed by figure skaters. Very good ones! It was amazing! And only made more amazing for us, because of how much we lucked out with the tickets. I just have to include that part, because I still can’t get over it! The show we originally booked the tickets for was cancelled because of the crazy snow storm we had here over the last weekend. After trying to exchange the tickets for another show, the best I was getting was the 7 pm show, which clearly is not a good idea for a 2 year old. So I was starting to quietly give up. 

On Sunday during Allie’s afternoon nap and about an hour before the 3 pm show I was feeling increasingly guilty, because we’ve been telling Allie about the show for weeks now. And now the best she was gonna get was a home-made puppet theater and Donald and Mickey speaking with Mom’s and Dad’s voiced from behind the chair. So I called the venue and was told that there are still tickets, but they are all in the last rows. My mind rushed back into my childhood, when my mom took me and my sister to theaters, circuses and other fun events and we always ended up watching the show from nearly the front rows, although we usually started up much, much further away from the stage. Since I always want to be the kind of mom, that my mom is, I thought here was my chance. I’d bring Allie to the front once the show starts without anybody seeing me, because there always seem to be unoccupied seats in the front. Always. I don’t think MJ was too excited about the whole sneaking-to-the-front part, but he joined us anyway. Fast forward…. Somehow we ended up in the VIP seating area. I don’t know how. Those were the seats that our tickets directed us to, but we were looking around nervously for at least 10 minutes after we sat down, thinking that someone was going to kick us out. Noone did.
Anyway, there is a point to this story. Once again I was reminded that going to events like that one is something we should always, always do as a family, whenever we get an opportunity. We can say NO to buying new unnecessary clothes, we don’t have to go out to restaurants often, we can watch movies on DVD instead of going to the movies, we can make our own lunches instead of going out, but we must go to these fun events. That's the thing to spend money on. That's another lesson from my mom: she has always taight us to spend on experiences, not material  things.  I cannot tell you how much Allie loved it and just seeing her reaction when Minnie-Mouse or Mickey-Mouse and others came out – it was just priceless. MJ and I were almost in tears (happy tears) just seeing her face. She was amazed, fascinated, surprised and just so, so, so happy and excited! She couldn't contain it, she kept yelling out
 “Donald Duck is here!!!”
“Where did Goofy go?”
“Will Flounder come back?”
It was just adorable and although I loved the show very much, my main source of that unbelievable positive energy and happiness came from seeing Allie reacting to it. 

We took Allie to see Sesame Street a couple months ago and while I had no idea what was happening on the stage (because I couldn't understand any words they were signing, but as MJ explained to me later: there was in fact a plot), I loved it and again the part that I loved was seeing Allie's fascinated face.

I just cannot wait to experience more and more through Allie's eyes and feeling. So often even something ordinary becomes amazing when Allie looks at it and she definitely passes on her emotions and fascination to me. What a gift that is!

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  1. What a beautiful story ~ you certainly have a gift for telling a story that creates a very realistic picture for your followers. This brings back memories of taking my own children to see similar events and watching their faces was worth the price of the ticket !!! Allie is lucky to have a Mom who is persistent & is rewarded with VIP seating................Love it !!!