Friday, February 8, 2013

Snack time

Today Allie and I made a snack together. She likes to sit on our kitchen counter when I cook. Sometimes she just watches me as I peel, chop, clean and cook, but most of the time she insists on helping, so I usually have to make up little tasks for her: move this here, pour this in there, break this into pieces...  

While we were making our snack today, she was actually completing real useful tasks to pepare the smoothie, as opposed to the typical fake tasks that she's in charge of. We made a very yummy smoothie for the both of us and Allie peeled a banana, broke the banana into pieces, added spoonfuls of yogurt in the blender and squeezed the honey out of the honey bear. All real stuff! Very soon she won't even need my help to fix herself a snack. Basically all I did, was I cleaned the strawberries and pressed "on" and then "off" on the blender. 

Make your child feel helpful in the kitchen, make this snack together :)

Banana-strawberry smoothie

1 banana
7-10 strawberries, depending on their size
1 C plain yogurt ( I use Greek yogurt)
2 Tbsp honey
a splash of milk

Combine and puree everything in a blender till smooth. Enjoy! Feel free to adjust the honey depending on how sweet you like your smoothies.

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