Thursday, March 21, 2013

My 30 day ab challenge completed!

If you read my blog about a month ago, you might've seen the pressure I put on myself by posting and committing to do a 30 days ab challenge, where I had to do at least 100 ab moves at a time every single day. You can check it out right here and see what motivated me and how I've decided on it.

Well, happy to report today marks the day #30 of the challenge. The last day! I did it! And I can't wait to share what amazing results I am looking at now! There is actually a good news and a bad news. Let's start with a good news. The "bonus" part of my stomach is completely gone, I lost 10 lbs, my early wrinkles completely disappeared,  my body feels and looks 100% toned and I am ready for the swim suit season!! 

The bad news is that it was not true at all, but it felt good to say it. When I started the challenge, that was the paragraph that I was hoping to conclude it with, but just as my common sense warned me, that was not going to happen in 30 days. I am however SO HAPPY that I did it! Let me explain...

First of all, did I actually end up doing it every day? Almost. I missed 3 days out of 30. I had good excuses though every time: 1 day I was too upset to do it, 1 day I was too excited to do it and 1 day I was just too tired. Oh and then there was one day when I made this new muffin recipe (Plum and poppy seed) by Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen which turned out to be the best muffins I had in my life and instead of trying just a bite, I ate 3 muffins and could not physically perform my ab moves.  But frankly I did better than I thought I would. Days 1 through 3 were the hardest because I was simply not used to any kind of physical activity that time of the day (I committed to do it after Allie went to bed which put me in around 8 pm zone). I would settle down with my yoga mat in the living room and the couch all of a sudden turn into a magnet that I had to resist very hard But then after a few days, it became a new normal and was getting easier and easier. Pretty soon I started realizing that 100 moves is actually not much at all and I could do way more, and I did. Some nights however I was so tired that I could barely go through 100, and I chose really easy one. But who cares, I did it and it counted. 

The results: no idea if I lost any weight, I don't own a scale. Did my stomach get any smaller? I think it did a little bit. Maybe not... But most importantly, what this challenge gave me is that it formed a new habit and I am going to continue with it from now on. I probably won't do it every night, but I will do my best. Doing these little exercises definitely made me feel better about watching educational programs stuff like  3-hour long season finale of Bachelor, or reruns of "The office". I won't feel bad about skipping a day or 2 here and there since I am not on any kind of self-challenge, but I know that I can do it almost every day, it only takes about 5 minutes and it will eventually pay off.

Glad I did it and thank you if you joined me (even, if you cheated a bit! Jill? :))


  1. my comment comment:)

    way to go!!!!


  2. GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Katya,you inspire me

  3. Nice job, katya! It does become a habit after a while, doesn't it? Reminds me of getting used to showering at lunch. Catching up on TV makes the time go by a bit faster too, I time myself with commercial breaks sometimes - gotta love the 15 second ones). So happy for you, keep up the good work!