Friday, April 5, 2013

2 year old drama queen?

Yesterday on a small shopping trip I was looking for some new summer pjs for Allie and a few pairs of big-girl undies for her. After completing her potty training, she's been wearing the padded kind just in case of an accident. Since there hasn't been any accidents for the last ... well, actually almost ever (not to brag :)) I decided to graduate her into the real girl underwear. And how big was my surprise when I was shopping at the Children's Place yesterday and couldn't find anything age appropriate for my 2 year old! I mean I am aware of this big Victoria's Secret new line inappropriate for middle school girls and the conflict around it, I didn't think I would face a similar problem with a toddler. Of course, when I say "inappropriate" for toddlers I'm not referring to the same issue that the new Victoria's Secret line was provoking, but I just couldn't find anything that I'd like to see Allie in! What do you think of a set of toddler panties with the words "shopping time"and a Barbie type girl printed in them? Or "new shoes!" and other stuff that grown women might care about but not 2 year olds. Where are the undies with flowers or stars or some Sesame Street character or something in them? Same with pjs, the only one of the right size had 'drama queen' written across the top. Do I wanna teach my daughter that it's cool to be a drama queen? I know she can't read but she likes to know what her clothes says or what's printed on it. So should I be telling her "oh it says drama queen on it, isn't it cute?" So anyway, I'm on a mission to find an appropriate pajamas this week... Thank you for listening to my frustrations, I needed to dish it out :)


  1. The marketing efforts aimed toward children, especially girls, is so frustrating! It's great that moms like you reject those efforts. Little girls should be able to stay little girls as long as they want. I hope your quest to find tasteful undies is successful!

  2. I think you need to keep looking. One trip to children's place doesn't define the market. I get my daughter's underwear with princesses, minnie mouse, flowers, dots, stripes - NO WORDS - and have not once thought I had to search all over for something. Target, the gap, gymboree all have good options! Keep hunting.

    1. Thank you for this comment. You are absolutely right, I did end up finding what I was looking for at other places, but was just astonished to see what was even out there. I also feel like I got a complex where I need to buy ALL the appropriate underwear I see! :)Thank you for reading my ramblings :)