Monday, April 1, 2013

Curly hair the old-school way

I want to tell you how I get my hair curly, when I know I will have no time in the morning. When I asked my sister to help me take pictures for this post, she called me a weirdo for posting about this... no, she actually called me a weirdo for doing what I do with my hair, but weirdo or not, the method works and makes my hair look pretty nice, especially considering that I only spend about 10 minutes on it. 

It's definitely no Hair Romance, but this is how I curled my hair when I was at school, and all girls in my class did the same. This is a very old-school method, but I still use it to this day. It's great for when you get sick of wearing a ponytail (like I do most of the time), but you also know that there is no way you're getting up earlier in the morning to do your hair. You just get everything taken care of the night before and in the morning all you have to do is uncurl it, which takes about 30 seconds and you're done!

My "tools" are these home-made curlers that I made probably 3 years ago and they still last.

The whole reason why I use these curlers rather than some store-bought kind is because they are thin, soft, easier to sleep on and you can control the size of your curls: just adjust how you fold your paper. It will make sense in a minute. Keep reading. All you need to build these curlers is:

  • plain white paper (don't use newspaper pages, the ink may get into your hair)
  • a piece of fabric (old cotton Tshirt works great)
  • scissors

And this is the glamorous curler that we are making

Start by cutting the fabric into about an inch wide strips. You need as many strips as you want the curlers. I have pretty thick long hair and I usually use 8-10. Then cut your paper sheets in 3 parts width wise. So one sheet of paper will make 3 curlers. 

Now place a cloth strip perpendicularly in the center of a paper piece, fold the paper in half over the cloth and continue rolling it up (the bigger the fold is, the larger curls you'll get).

Continue with the rest of the curlers until you have as many as you need. Once you're done, they can really serve you for years. Now start curling your hair. You want your hair to be a bit damp, but not wet. You can also use a hair product you like that will help your curls to hold for longer. Separate your hair into small sections. Now place a curler at the bottom of your hair, wrap a section around the curler and start rolling up. The higher you roll it, the longer your curl will be, but I basically just roll it high enough to still keep it comfortable to sleep on.

Secure the roller by tying the ends of the cloth around your hair.

 Continue with the rest of your hair.

Go to bed. The next morning unroll the curlers and if you like,put a bit of hairspray in your hair. I don't usually brush the curls, just kind of fix them a bit by running my fingers through them.

Like a lot of us out there with straight hair, I've always wanted to have curly hair, and using these curlers gets me pretty close! :)

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