Tuesday, May 7, 2013

15 healthy toddler snacks

I've been meaning to write a list for myself that would contain several go-to snacks that I can give to Allie. On rushed weekday mornings while getting her ready for daycare, or even on relaxed weekend afternoons I sometimes find myself opening and closing the fridge and cabinets over and over again trying to find something that would make a quick, easy and healthy snack.Then when I finally figure out something worthy, I think "Of course! Why didn't I think of it right away!" So I thought that I needed to create a little list that would have a few snacks that are easy to put together and I usually have on hand. If I create that list on a piece of paper like I normally do (although I am trying to switch these kinds of things to Evernote), I will definitely lose that list (therefore the Evernote), so I thought if I put the list on the blog, I'll always have access to it! So this is selfishly for my benefit, but I hope you will find it handy too!

These snacks meet these criteria:
-easy to prepare
-quick to prepare

1. Plain yogurt sweetened with a bit of honey and some whole wheat Bunny crackers
2. Cheese stick and clementine, apple or pear slices
3.Cut up into strips whole wheat toast and hummus
4. Hard-boiled egg cut unto quarters
5. Whole wheat toast with a slice of tomato and cheese, baked or broiled in the oven until the cheese melts (you can also put other different toppings under cheese and if you do this "recipe" on a whole wheat pita, you can pretend that it's pizza)
6.Cut into sticks veggies (such as bell pepper, carrot, cucumber) wit hummus or another home-made or store-bought bean dip.
7. Whole wheat crackers or toast slices topped with peanut or almond butter.
8.Cottage cheese topped with some blueberries or pineapple slices
9. A banana
10. A smoothie. I often make banana-strawberry smoothie, but feel free to throw in some spinach, such a great extra nutritional value and it still tastes like a pure sweet fruit smoothie.
11. Whole wheat toast spread with mashed avocado and some salt and sesame seeds on top (make it look like a smiley face by placing 2 olive halves (eyes), cucumber strip (nose) and half a slice of a tomatoe (smiley) on it.
12. A scrambled egg (takes less than 5 minutes to make).
13.A handful of grapes and some crackers.
14. A handful of dried fruit (Allies likes prunes, dried apricots and dried apples)
15. Frozen yogurt (you can freeze individual cups of plain or flavored yogurt). It's nice to present it as ice-cream. Serve some berries alongside.

I personally love to see lists like that in magazines, blogs, interviews  etc because they always provide me with new ideas. I hope it also helps you expand your "toddler snack repertoire"!

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