Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Half Birthday!

Do you celebrate half-birthdays? I never had. But that is until Allie came along and I heard of a tradition of celebrating half birthdays from my colleague, who has 3 children and they have always celebrated everyone's half birthdays! The minute I heard that story, I decided we are going to do that for Allie! We celebrated her 1.5 years old last year and this month we celebrated her 2.5! She got her half a cupcake (Ina Garten's Red velvet, amazing!) for her half birthday and we sang "Happy half birthday to you" song. We don't give Allie a gift for the occasion, but she seems to be pretty happy with just the cupcake and a Happy Birthday song all for her! Hopefully those will do the trick when she gets older too. 

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