Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Super kid friendly dessert ICE POP

It's no big revelation that kids love ice cream. Any kind of ice cream: frozen yogurt, soft serve, regular serve - whatever its official name is, ice pops - all of them! A few weeks ago ice pops became Allie's favorite type of dessert, or really her favorite type of food in general, or maybe I should go even further and say that ice pops have become her favorite thing in the world, because that would be a true statement. During dinner we use ice pops a lot as a bribe positive reinforcement to make sure Allie eats her food well. I love it, it's just been so easy!

-Mama, I don't want to eat chicken!
-Well, then we'll eat an ice pop! As soon as you finish your chicken!

Just like that! Needless to say I always keep ice pops in my freezer now. 

It's actually kind of funny how we got into this whole ice pop business. One day I realized that I had leftover cranberry juice, well it's not juice really, but a cranberry drink that I make a lot, you can find its recipe here and I thought that if we don't finish it soon, we'll have to throw it away. Now having grown up in a traditional Soviet family, I am not used to throwing things out, so I thought I'd freeze it. And incidentally I happened to have ice pop molds that I had bought months ago for some grown-up kind of a popsicle recipe that included freezing something stronger than cranberry juice, but I never actually got around making it. So here was my chance to use the ice pop molds, even better! Not throwing away the juice and using molds for the first time, very exciting day. I filled the ice pop molds half way up with the cranberry drink and topped them with regular boxed orange juice and put it in the freezer. The next day those treats turned heavenly delicious! I haven't stopped making them ever since... 

Once I ran out of my cranberry stuff (that's really good for you!), I made pops with mix of juice and water, juice-water-berries, yogurt event! The possibilities are endless! (in my head this sentence for some reason sounds like something Chandler from "Friends" says...) I think even if I just froze some water and presented them to Allie as a special snow ice pop, she would eat it and enjoy, that's how much she loves them. But that would just be mean...I won't be giving her snow ice pops... 

Cranberry ice pop with frozen strawberry halves
So here are some ideas for your ice pop molds filling (which are by the way super cheap, I bought mine for under $4)

  • Half cranberry drink and half orange juice (lots of vitamin C here!)
  • Plain Greek yogurt mixed with mashed blackberries
  • Fill the mold with berried and/or pieces of fruit and pour in a mixture of water and juice
  • Mix some nutmeg and cinnamon in the cranberry drink (that I seem to push too much..) and freeze that, it may be my favorite! It tastes like Christmas.
There are millions of recipes for ice pops out there, but I like these simple ones because they hardly require any work and they are really healthy mixes.

I hope you'll try them and enjoy as much as we are!